Fence Face



construction fence, 2013

The depicted fence is built near the construction site of the ECB, the Europaen Central Bank. The work was installed during a group show at Kunstverein Familie Montez. The latter has lost its old locality. Due to a compromise with the city it will use a space under a bridge. The fence was the only temporary exhibtion inventory nearby to work with.


A cheaply prepared poster of my likeness is placed on a construction fence. To keep the poster attached in the simplest and also in a removable way two versions of the poster are produced. One for each side of the fence. Both versions are inversed and fixed with office clips. A spectator on any side can see the likeness seeping through the paper.

Form and Content

If nothing else is considered, a spectator can only interprete the likeness of no one in particular as looking at itself and covering the view. The fence has a landscape mode, which stubbornly followed shifts the likeness 90 degree as if the depicted person was laying on its side. A psychologic automatism makes us want to rotate the visage into its regular view. In this case it seems clear, that spectators could use their cameras to get a comfortable view of the rotated face.

construction fence

Goekhan Erdogan