Today I had commented works by a female Korean artist, who recently makes paper book sculptures. Which look like mine in nearly all of formal choices (mood, presentation, shape). Except using herself as image.

I have had send her my portfolio several years ago after meeting in an exhibit in Düsseldorf. I hope it took her so long to glue each layer of paper. I am completely annoyed. Is there no dignity left.

After I commented her posts (one of them depicting the Korean word „Zensur“) she simply deleted her posts

… but I made screenshots my dear.

For my defence I googled „paper art, paper relief, photo sculpture“ just for fun more than one year ago and surprisingly I found several artists working with paper layers, paper maché, print media such as books being sanded / grinded etc. Even one artist who makes standalone  likenesses out of paper just a bit similar to mine, but I did not sense being cheated in any of those cases like in the case above. This is giving hopefully just one bad day. I can’t „follow“ someone who takes an idea so painful and time-consuming to repeat. It just does not make any sense. I would even say there must be some sort of defect or just plain ignorance.